The product as the senior indoor decoration material is mainly used in the interior decoration of the upmarket buildings, such as hotels,restaurants, shopping malls, theaters, dance halls, cinemas, railway stations, auditorium, offices, living rooms, offices, electronic room, precise equipment room and the residential construction industry. We have supplied thousands of customers home and abroad with the brand of "Bei Dou Xing", "Penguin", "Jie Ao",Lai Fu,Amusite Mineral Wool Acoustic Decorative Board over the years.Our products have been exported to many foreign countries,such as Russia,Ukraine,South-East Asia ,Europe,USA,India,Mid-Asia countries and many other countries,so we enjoy high reputation all over the world. Our companys purpose : Honoring contracts, Defend prestige, Customers First, Equality and Mutual benefit, and we sincerely hope to cooperate with more customers home and abroad. Our entrepreneurial spirit is to develop first-class quality products,provide first-class service. We will give you the best service and best quality products with our heart.

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    About the metric measure system and English measure system for mineral cotton sound-absorbing board.
The development of mineral cotton-absorbing board has tended to be mature. The application also become more and more widespread. But there are still many people who can not distinguish the metric measure system and English measure system, especially sometimes they buy keels and mineral cotton boards from different producers or the keels do not match the mineral cotton boards. This may cause unnecessary trouble for construction. This stiuation often happened to unhidden suspending installation.
   The so-called unhidden suspending can be achieved following the following steps: firstly suspend the keels from the ceiling, then put mineral cotton sound-absorbing boards into frames of keels, with the color bottom side of keels showed up, forming pretty solid panes. This method usually is suitable for offices, corridors, marketplaces, etc. Its speciality is easy to install and low price.
   Unhidden keels includes T-model aluminium keel and T-model baking-vanish keel. T-model aluminium keel is gradually replaced by T-model baking-vanish keel for that T-model aluminium keel is easy to be oxided, easy to decay and stain. Moreover, the installation of baking-vanish keel is infixing type, saving both time and lobour. Both right-angle-side mineral-cotton sound-absorbing boards and low-rank mineral-cotton sound-absorbing boards can match unhidden keels for suspending, but workers should pay attention to the mating of boards and keels. Because during installation, workers often confront the stiuation that boards do not match keels. After suspending keels, workers discovered that the boards is too small or too large; some say that the specification of keel is incorrect, others say the size of board is not approprate, finally either change keels or change boards. The result is uauslly that time limit for a project have to be prolonged and both money and labour is wasted. For this reason, the unit conversion should be understood fully.
   As a matter of fact, the metric system is widespreadly used in domestic markets. In building field length is often measured by millimeter, the so-called space between keels 600 means that the space between keels is 600 millimeters, at this time the size of matching boards must less than 600 millimeters. ususlly they are 596596 millimeters or 595595 millimeters, otherwise they can not be installed. That is to say, 600 millimeters space arrayed keels in metric system must match boards of 596596 millimeters (595595 millimeters). Vice versa, if boards of 596596 millimeters (595595 millimeters) are chosen, then keels arrayed in 600 millimeters must be matched.
   Whereas English system is foreign measure system. Many products manufactured by imported equipment adopt English system. This products and their matching products must uniformly adopt English system. The size of the common keel in English system converted into the metric system is 610 millimeters. So the commonly spoken "600600 board" is only construction size. Strictly speaking, there is no this specification of 600600 millimeters.
   The mineral cotton sound-absorbing boards produced by Beihua Mineral Cotton Board Factory ( Beihua brand ) adopt both the metric system and English system. We also supply T-model baking-vanish keels of various specifications, which can fully satifify your demand.
   To remind you again, when choosing materials firstly understand fully the problem of matching keels space and boards both in metric system and English system.

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